ASOF is the sum of individual research projects funded by national agencies. It does not support research in its own right. The current projects doing ASOF science include:
ASOF ProjectsACCESS - Arctic Climate Change, Economy and SocietyAtlantic Water Transformation in the Lofoten Basin of the Nordic SeasBarrow Canyon Mooring ArrayCirculation and Dynamics of the Irminger BasinCanadian Arctic Through-flow (CAT) StudyPathways and transformation of the Denmark Strait Overflow Water in the Irminger BasinThe Euro-BasinFreshwater Outflow from Hudson Strait to the Labrador SeaCurrent meter moorings in Fugloya-Bear IslandOcean/Ice-Sheet Interactions in GreenlandThe Pacific Gateway to the Arctic Ocean - interdisciplinary studies in the Bering StraitTracking the Atlantic Waters in the Arctic OceanMonitoring of oceanic fluxes across Fram Strait