ASOF ISSG Meeting & Workshop in Lerici, Italy

Arctic–Subarctic Heat Exchange in the Atlantic sector: from Understanding Processes to Predicting Change

The Atlantic sector of the northern hemisphere is the key area for the exchange of heat between the Subarctic and the Arctic, in both the atmosphere and the ocean. In particular, the oceanography and meteorology of the Nordic Seas, Fram Strait, and the Barents Sea exert pivotal constraints on the heat exchange with the Arctic Ocean. This heat exchange is a key process for the development of the northern climate system and is undergoing rapid and widespread change. The workshop will be dedicated to presentations and discussions about the challenges associated with observing, modelling, understanding, and predicting these heat exchanges. The workshop will address the questions: Where are we?  What do we know?  and What needs to be done?  In addition, the workshop welcomes other contributions relevant to ocean fluxes between the Arctic and Subarctic seas. This will be the 13th international workshop of the ASOF program. Presentations on March 30, 2016 Presentations on March 31, 2016

ASOF is grateful for the financial support from IUGG for young scientists to attend this workshop.