Presentations May 12, 2023

Nordic Seas and Iceland

  • Coupled atmosphere–ocean observations of a cold-air outbreak and its impact on the Iceland Sea - Ian Renfrew
  • Surface-forced variability in Nordic Seas overturning circulation and overflows - Marius Årthun (O)
  • Impact of large-scale ocean circulations on heat content variability in the Lofoten Basin - Sourav Chatterjee (O)
  • Slantwise Convection in the West Greenland Current - Ruiqi Shu (O
  • The role of ocean circulation and associated changes in ocean heat transport in affecting the climate in Iceland - Steingrímur Jónsson

Around Greenland to Davis Strait and the Labrador Sea

Subpolar Atlantic Arctic

  • The benefits of nuclear waste: Insights into Subpolar North Atlantic Ocean circulation using artificial radionuclide tracers - Duncan Dale
  • Marine radiocarbon changes in the North Atlantic since the 1990s - Maxi Castrillejo
  • Assessing the variability of Irminger Water at AR7W between 1993 and 2022 using time-dependent property thresholds - Kevin Niklas Wiegand
  • Time series measurements of transient tracers and tracer derived transport in the Deep Western Boundary Current off Bermuda - John N. Smith (O)
  • Relating subpolar watermass transformation to subtropical overturning - Eleanor Frajka-Williams (O)
  • Mixing and air-sea buoyancy fluxes set the time-mean overturning circulation in the subpolar North Atlantic and Nordic Seas - D. Gwyn Evans
  • A quasi-synoptic estimation of Anthropogenic Carbon Inventories in the Arctic Ocean and Subpolar North Atlantic in 2015 - Lorenza Raimondi (O)

Short project talks

  • Synoptic Arctic Survey maps climate change in the Arctic Ocean - Maria Teresa Bezem (O)
  • Developing a pan-Arctic network of Distributed Biological Observatories (DBOs) - Anna Nikolopoulos (O)
  • Iceland Faroe GLider Ocean Observations (IFGLOO) project - Angel Ruiz-Angulo
  • A new field program investigating dense water pathways to the Faroe Bank overflow - Bob Pickart
  • A new field program investigating water mass transformation in the East Greenland Current - Kjetil Våge
  • Investigating the far-reaching impacts of dense water overflows in the North Atlantic Ocean: the 2023 FARDWO cruise in the Denmark Strait - Anna Sanchez Vidal (O)
  • Transport and fate of the Labrador Coastal Current: plan for 2023 fieldwork - Nicholas Foukal
  • Physical oceanography around Iceland: Present and future research of Hafrannsóknastofnun - Andreas Macrander (O)