Presentations May 11, 2023

Arctic Ocean

  • Inverse estimates of volume, heat and freshwater fluxes in the Arctic gateways - Hege-Beate Fredriksen
  • Wind forcing of cross-slope transport in the Eurasian Arctic and implications for ocean circulation - Francesca Doglioni

Bering Strait, Canadian Arctic

  • What's new in the Bering Strait - Rebecca Woodgate (O)
  • Saildrone observed internal wave generation in seasonal ice-free Chukchi Sea shelf - Nan-Hsun Chi 
  • Circulation timescales in the Canada Basin: Insights from transient tracers 129-iodine and 236-Uranium - Annabel Payne 
  • Two decades of ocean observations in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago - Clark Richards (O)
  • Structure and variability of the Barrow Canyon outflow from two high-resolution shipboard surveys in 2018 - Jie Huang (O)
  • On the release of freshwater from the Beaufort Gyre - Qiang Wang (O)

Fram Strait outflows, EGC and EG shelf

Nordic Seas and Iceland