Presentations May 10, 2023

Atlantic Ocean circulation

Atlantic Inflow regions

  • Winter Atlantic Water intrusions in Kongsfjorden: atmospheric triggering and oceanic preconditioning - Francesco De Rovere
  • Subduction as Observed at a Submesoscale Front in the Marginal Ice Zone in Fram Strait - Zerlina Hofmann
  • Shelf-fjord Exchanges in Northwest Svalbard - Ahmmed Shereef Ms (O)
  • Eddy flux of Atlantic Water to the Eurasian Basin North of Svalbard - M. Dolores Pérez‐Hernández
  • Atmospheric Blocking Disturbing the Transports through the Barents Sea Opening - Finn Ole Heukamp
  • Structure and seasonal variability of the Arctic Boundary Current north of Severnaya Zemlya - Torsten Kanzow

Arctic Ocean

  • Changes in the Atlantic Water circulation seen in CFC-12 and SF6 tracer ages in the central Arctic Ocean - Wiebke Körtke
  • Underwater Acoustics in a Spicy Arctic - Francesca Pereira
  • Sensitivity of Atmosphere-Ocean interactions to characteristics of the sea-ice edge, lead width and orientation, and model resolution - Thomas Spengler
  • Regime shift in Arctic Sea ice thickness distribution observed in Fram Strait - Hiroshi Sumata
  • Understanding the variability of the Eddy Kinetic Energy in the Arctic Ocean - Camille Lique (O)
  • Upper ocean turbulence and vertical mass fluxes from in-situ observations in the central Arctic Ocean 2015 - Benjamin Rabe
  • Upper-ocean eddy dynamics in the Central Arctic during winter: an observational model-assisted reanalysis of the MOSAiC expedition - Ivan Kuznetsov
  • High-resolution climate model suggests an increase in Arctic amplification and high-latitude marine extremes in the 21st century - Ruijian Gou (O)
  • Attribution of air-ice-sea interactions to cyclones, fronts, and cold-air outbreaks - Clemens Spensberger (O)