17th ASOF Workshop in Copenhagen

The 17th ASOF workshop will be hosted at the

Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) in Copenhagen, Denmark

by DMI and the H2020 project 'Blue-Action'

on 24 -26 April 2019.

The following focus topics will be discussed in addition to contributions to the ASOF objectives (http://asof.awi.de/science/asof-ii-objectives/):

  1. Representativeness of ocean observations: A recurring issue in the analysis and interpretation of observational data, as well in the use of these data for model validation and data assimilation, is how their representativeness in space and time are dealt with. This issue is of particular relevance for in-situ data such as oceanic measurements from profiling devices or time series data from mooring locations. We would particularly welcome submissions dealing with questions related to representativeness and uncertainties in observations, what these mean for the observational analysis as well as the usefulness of the data in modelling, and ways forward in resolving those issues in particular in regions of sparse data coverage. 
  2. Flux calculations: We would like to discuss the problems related to the usefulness/ambiguity of heat- and freshwaterflux calculations across single gateways. Can we agree on a wayforward? 

Internal ASOF issues to discuss will be:

- Do we have to update the ASOF science objectives? What are the plans and ideas for ASOF in the coming years?

- Feedback on the planned ASOF Arctic Gateway benchmark data set

- Funding/collaboration opportunities

Travel support for early career scientists:
Thanks to CliC/WCRP we are able to support travel of three early career scientists.